Office Furniture
Principal Desk

Fabulous Walnut finish 7ft desk was specially designed for this Principals office.

The purple noticeboard compliments this secretary's new desk and storage area.

Large Term Planner 1200 x 1200 whiteboard Office or Staffroom usage Dry wipe pre-printed surface 4 Month planner / 5 weeks per month

This beautifully finished warm oak desk is ergonomically designed so the user can sit comfortably. With side panels and adjustable feet to ensure the desk is perfectly level. Available with eith

Specially designed computer desk for use in the classroom. With compartments for computer, keyboard, printer, printer paper and 5 shelves, this comfortable desk also has a lockable drawer. Dimen

This clever all in one unit is a flip chart and magnetic enamel whiteboard in one. Made from steel, the unit is fully mobile via lockable castors.

Make the best use of space in the staffroom. This beautifully made unit has 21 A4 pigeon holes and space for 20 lever arch folders. Can be bought as separate units.  20 Lever arch folders are i

Keep all your lever arch files tidy and upright in this made to measure lever arch unit. Available with 20 folders – the folders are supplied with the unit! The large unit is used as the base